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At STARS net-diver School online dive school,
let’s get that diving license!

At net-diver school, you can study all the diving essentials and be tested on your studies, all on the internet.
Once you’ve completed your studies, you simply go to one of 90 partner dive shops throughout Japan to complete your practical skills portion of the course and apply for your C-Card.
STARS Diving Association administers net-diver school with no registration or fee required.
Please take advantage of our stress-free system!

Welcome to STARS net-diver school!
Snorkeling/Skin Diving/Introductory Diving Diving License Course Step-up Courses

Snorkeling/Skin Diving/Introductory Diving
People wanting to dive in a carefree and enjoyable way – look here.

Diving License Course
People wanting to dive soon
– look here.

Step-up Courses
Advanced-level Courses. For those who already hold their C-Card – look here.

Snorkeling/Skin Diving/Introductory Diving | Diving License Course | C-Card/Introduction to Ranks
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