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There are many merits to taking your diving license at net-diver school.
Let’s compare the traditional method to *our method*.

STARS net-Diver School

Up to now…

The Study Portion

No registration and no fees are required for the study portion.
Anyone, anywhere, can complete the study portion at their own pace.

Registration Process and Fees

To register and pay for the entire process, from study lectures to practical skills training, you had to attend the dive shop.

From studying to testing, travel to the dive shop isn’t necessary.


You had to attend the dive shop where, even after having self-studied with teaching materials such as manuals and DVDs, you still would have had to attend study lectures.

24 hours per day, you choose when to study and when to complete the test.


Self-study and attending lectures at a dive shop took up at least a full day.

From studying to testing, the cost is, without exception, free.


From study lectures to practical skills training, you had to pay one set fee.

On your pc via the internet or via a cell phone, you can view the manual at no cost, and even download it to your pc for free!


You had to purchase or rent the manual.

If you need to re-test after reviewing the manual a second time, there is no extra fee.

Re-testing Fee

If, at the end of the study lectures, you were not able to pass the test, a supplementary fee was required to re-test.

The Practical Skills Training Portion

Partner dive shops have differing fees which you can compare on their homepages and such.
Many offer a discount for those who have completed their studies at net-diver school.


From study lectures to practical skills training, you had to pay one set fee.

Because studies and testing are completed, there is an extra margin of time for training.
You can use this free time to enjoy things like sightseeing and shopping.


Even when you hadn’t fully completed your studies and testing, practical skills training was held concurrently.

The Diving License Course

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