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STARS Diving Association


Yasuo Okamoto

Head Office:

2-26-14 Hongo, Bunkyoku, Tokyo,
113-0033 JAPAN






STARS Head Office

STARS became a voluntary third sector member of the Japan Science and Technology Agency in the marine science and technology sector in January, 1982. For the purposes of developing diving science in Japan, STARS was approved by CMAS International and became a member of CMAS in May, 1986.

STARS primary mission is to develop and maintain instructors with the highest knowledge and craft in the diving profession. From dive shop owners, professional divers, universities and other research institutions’ educators and researchers, and doctors, STARS was able to create a support network for instructors.

In 1983, due to requests for instructor certification programs, the first course was held in Kanagawa Prefecture at Manatsuro Peninsula. In this way, a varied group of oceanographers, diving medical specialists, underwater researchers and so on, as well as general diving leaders, became staff for participation in diving activities. As a result, not just sport diving but a new field of diving science was challenged.

Furthermore, with the development of rescue and dive incident analysis programs, we are a leader in promoting safe diving. We also provide a variety of training programs with the minimum standard being CMAS’ standard, including the program content that instructors use, as well as merchandizing, teaching materials, and so on. Finally, we make a great effort to constantly increase the quality of instruction and programming for the purposes of safer diving everywhere.


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